Rockraptor is a website that aims to index music from an array of different streaming platforms, and allows you to organise the music from these platforms in playlists. That way, you don't have to browse a whole bunch of different websites to find that one song you like.

We started developing this website because there is not a single legal music streaming service that represents all the artists you might want to listen to. Every streaming service only offers music from a select range of labels, genres and artists. As a music enthousiast, you constantly need to switch between streaming services to find that one song you want to listen to. Your playlists are also scattered across these music services.

That is where RockRaptor wants to make the difference. We index several legitimate music streaming services, and allow you to find and bookmark any of the indexed songs. You can also listen to the music, directly provided by the corresponding streaming service, right within our site.

We allow users to instantly buy a song or album from a partner site. Please support the artists you like by buying their music!

This website is still in development, so please be patient while we are adding support for more music platforms and improving the website in general.

Currently supported platforms

You can currently use RockRaptor to listen to music from these platforms:

Our goals

  • Giving artists more exposure
  • Allowing fans to easily find, bookmark, organise and listen to music
  • Allowing fans to easily find a place where they can buy music

What we want next

  • Improved player
  • Support for more music platforms
  • Better social integration
  • Bandcamp integration
  • Spotify integration
  • Showing related music
  • Music suggestions