The Rough Guide to Ska

By Various Artists

Other artists:
Released in 2002

20 songs in this album.

Name Artist No.
Malcolm X The Skatalites 1
Rico Special Rico Rodriguez 2
A Little Mashin' Transition乐团-Niall Dunne 3
Iveree Basil Gabbidon 4
Blockade The Skatalites 5
Let Me Dream Eddie 6
Leave Out Babylon Transition乐团-Niall Dunne 7
Rico Farewell Rico Rodriguez 8
Make Hay Cornell Campbell 9
Blow Roland Blow Roland Alphonso 10
Someone's Going To Bawl The Maytals 11
Skaramont Lester Sterling 12
Woman of Samaria Transition乐团-Niall Dunne 13
Ska-Racha The Skatalites 14
Don't stay Out Late Lord Creator 15
Sam The Fisherman Don Drummond 16
Revelation Stranger 17
Freedom Ska The Skatalites 18
Lost Penny The Maytals 19
Baby Elephant Walk The Skatalites 20