Liz Phair



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Name Album No.
Why Can't I? (Album Version) Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 14 15
Fuck and Run L'inrockuptible 2 7
Dotted Line People Like Us (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 18
Smoke Funstyle 1
Bollywood Funstyle 2
You Should Know Me Funstyle 3
Miss September Funstyle 4
My My Funstyle 5
Oh, Bangladesh Funstyle 6
Bang! Bang! Funstyle 7
Beat Is Up Funstyle 8
And He Slayed Her Funstyle 9
Satisfied Funstyle 10
U Hate It Funstyle 11
Explain It To Me Thirteen [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 9
6'1" Exile in Guyville 1
Help Me Mary Exile in Guyville 2
Glory Exile in Guyville 3
Dance of the Seven Veils Exile in Guyville 4
Never Said Exile in Guyville 5
Soap Star Joe Exile in Guyville 6
Explain It to Me Exile in Guyville 7
Canary Exile in Guyville 8
Mesmerizing Exile in Guyville 9
Fuck And Run Exile in Guyville 10
Girls! Girls! Girls! Exile in Guyville 11
Divorce Song Exile in Guyville 12
Shatter Exile in Guyville 13
Flower Exile in Guyville 14
Johnny Sunshine Exile in Guyville 15
Gunshy Exile in Guyville 16
Stratford-On-Guy Exile in Guyville 17
Strange Loop Exile in Guyville 18
Ant In Alaska Exile in Guyville 19
Say You Exile in Guyville 20
Instrumental - instrumental Exile in Guyville 21
Count On My Love No Reservations 14
Perfect Misfit Nancy Drew (Music from the Motion Picture) 2
Baby Got Going Charmed: The Final Chapter 1
Mother's Little Helper Desperate Housewives O.S.T 7
Everything to Me Women & Songs 9 14
Mother’s Little Helper Desperate Housewives (Music from and Inspired by) 7
Take A Look Charmed: The Book Of Shadows (Music from and Inspired By the TV Series) 2
Leap Of Innocence Somebody's Miracle 1
Wind And The Mountain Somebody's Miracle 2
Stars And Planets Somebody's Miracle 3
Somebody's Miracle Somebody's Miracle 4
Got My Own Thing Somebody's Miracle 5
Count On My Love Somebody's Miracle 6
Lazy Dreamer Somebody's Miracle 7
Everything To Me Somebody's Miracle 8
Closer To You Somebody's Miracle 9
Table For One Somebody's Miracle 10
Why I Lie Somebody's Miracle 11
Lost Tonight Somebody's Miracle 12
Everything (Between Us) Somebody's Miracle 13
Giving It All To You Somebody's Miracle 14
Everything To Me Everything To Me 1
Why Can't I? (Live) (Edited) - live Chicago Apple Live EP 1
Extraordinary (Live) - live Chicago Apple Live EP 2
Supernova (Live) - live Chicago Apple Live EP 3
Everything To Me Promo Only Mainstream Radio September 2005 14
Why Can't I Women & Songs 7 4
Extraordinary Liz Phair 1
Red Light Fever Liz Phair 2
Why Can't I? Liz Phair 3
It's Sweet Liz Phair 4
Rock Me Liz Phair 5
Take A Look Liz Phair 6
Little Digger Liz Phair 7
Firewalker Liz Phair 8
Favorite Liz Phair 9
Love/Hate Liz Phair 10
H.W.C. Liz Phair 11
My Bionic Eyes Liz Phair 12
Friend Of Mine Liz Phair 13
Good Love Never Dies Liz Phair 14
Winter Wonderland Sounds of the Season - The NBC Holiday Collection 3
Winter Wonderland Sounds of the Season - The NBC Holiday Collection 3
Polyester Bride Respect: A Century of Women in Music 18
Never Said Lilith Fair: A Celebration of Women In Music, Volume 3 3
White Chocolate Space Egg Whitechocolatespaceegg 1
Big Tall Man Whitechocolatespaceegg 2
Perfect World Whitechocolatespaceegg 3
Johnny Feelgood Whitechocolatespaceegg 4
Polyester Bride Whitechocolatespaceegg 5
Love Is Nothing Whitechocolatespaceegg 6
Baby Got Going Whitechocolatespaceegg 7
Uncle Alvarez Whitechocolatespaceegg 8
Only Son Whitechocolatespaceegg 9
Go On Ahead Whitechocolatespaceegg 10
Headache Whitechocolatespaceegg 11
Ride Whitechocolatespaceegg 12
What Makes You Happy Whitechocolatespaceegg 13
Fantasize Whitechocolatespaceegg 14
Shitloads Of Money Whitechocolatespaceegg 15
Girls' Room Whitechocolatespaceegg 16
Rocket Boy Stealing Beauty 5
Chopsticks Whip-Smart 1
Supernova Whip-Smart 2
Support System Whip-Smart 3
X-Ray Man Whip-Smart 4
Shane Whip-Smart 5
Nashville Whip-Smart 6
Go West Whip-Smart 7
Cinco De Mayo Whip-Smart 8
Dogs Of L.A. Whip-Smart 9
Whip-Smart Whip-Smart 10
Jealousy Whip-Smart 11
Crater Lake Whip-Smart 12
Alice Springs Whip-Smart 13
May Queen Whip-Smart 14
Six Dick Pimp Kids In The Hall Brain Candy 5
Jealousy Juvenilia 1
Turning Japanese Juvenilia 2
Animal Girl Juvenilia 3
California Juvenilia 4
South Dakota Juvenilia 5
Batmobile Juvenilia 6
Dead Shark Juvenilia 7
Easy Juvenilia 8
Supernova (Album Version) Supernova 1
Supernova (Clean Version) Supernova 2
Combo Platter (Girlie Sound) Supernova 3
Tra la la Song (One Banana, Two Banana) Saturday Morning: Cartoons' Greatest Hits 1