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Name Album No.
我是DaDa 我是DaDa 1
Sweet Poison Royal Blues 5
Sweet Poison Sweet Poison 1
Red Heart Black (Extended Mix) Red Heart Black (Extended Mix) 1
Don't give up Don’t give up 1
무지개 언덕 다루별 이야기 Love Again 1
Lollipop (Club Mix) - remix Ministry of Sound: Electro House Sessions 4
Syntynyt Lentokonetila 3
Kenkaboxi(Remix) - remix Lentokonetila 10
Firebomb Firebomb 1
脚踏车(Live) 如果我们可以跳舞 3
Ask The Dust American Highway Flower 1
Feet To The Sun American Highway Flower 2
All I Am American Highway Flower 3
Scum American Highway Flower 4
Pretty Girls Make Graves American Highway Flower 5
Gogo American Highway Flower 6
Feel Me Don't You American Highway Flower 7
Real Soon American Highway Flower 8
S.F. Bar '63 American Highway Flower 9
8 Track American Highway Flower 10
Green Henry American Highway Flower 11
i American Highway Flower 12
Heaven And Nowhere American Highway Flower 13
Dorina Puzzle 1
Mary Sunshine Rain Puzzle 2
Dog Puzzle 3
Dizz Knee Land Puzzle 4
Surround Puzzle 5
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Puzzle 6
Posters Puzzle 7
Timothy Puzzle 8
Dim Puzzle 9
Who You Are Puzzle 10
Puzzle Puzzle 11
Moon Puzzle 12
Surround Best Of The IRS Years 1
Pretty Girls Make Graves Best Of The IRS Years 2
Feet To The Sun Best Of The IRS Years 3
Dizz Knee Land Best Of The IRS Years 4
All I Am Best Of The IRS Years 5
Dorina Best Of The IRS Years 6
Timothy Best Of The IRS Years 7
Posters Best Of The IRS Years 8
Feel Me Don't You Best Of The IRS Years 9
Real Soon Best Of The IRS Years 10
Mary Sunshine Rain Best Of The IRS Years 11
Ask The Dust Best Of The IRS Years 12
Dim Best Of The IRS Years 13
Take Me Higher Ahora 010 40
Lollipop 538 Dance Smash Hits 2007 vol.2 11
My Baby Fell For Ol' St. Nick Alternative Rock Xmas 13
Lollipop Lollipop 1
Lollipop (Club Mix) Lollipop 2
Lollipop (Jerry Ropero Remix) Lollipop 3
Lollipop (Breese & Bad Hand Remix) Lollipop 4
Lollipop (The Drill Remix) Lollipop 5
Lollipop Lollipop (Remixes) 1
Lollipop (Nic Fanciulli Remix) Lollipop (Remixes) 2
Dim Live: Official Bootleg (Vol. 1) 1
Playboy In Outerspace Live: Official Bootleg (Vol. 1) 2
Trip With My Dad Live: Official Bootleg (Vol. 1) 3
Ask The Dust Live: Official Bootleg (Vol. 1) 4
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Live: Official Bootleg (Vol. 1) 5
Feel Me Don't You Live: Official Bootleg (Vol. 1) 6
Moon Live: Official Bootleg (Vol. 1) 7
Drum Solo / Posters Live: Official Bootleg (Vol. 1) 8
Dizz Knee Land Live: Official Bootleg (Vol. 1) 9
Baby Really Loves Me Live: Official Bootleg (Vol. 1) 10
Dorina Live: Official Bootleg (Vol. 1) 11
Information Undertow HITS POST MODERN SYNDROME - "SO IT GOES" 20
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow It's Not The Size That Counts 1
Big Dipper (2015 Japan Remastered) Dada (Remastered) 1
The Last Time (2015 Japan Remastered) Dada (Remastered) 2
This Is My Song (2015 Japan Remastered) Dada (Remastered) 3
Seed Of Peace (2015 Japan Remastered) Dada (Remastered) 4
Organ Interlude (2015 Japan Remastered) Dada (Remastered) 5
Tonite Is (2015 Japan Remastered) Dada (Remastered) 6
She Walks Away (2015 Japan Remastered) Dada (Remastered) 7
Aspen, Colorado (2015 Japan Remastered) Dada (Remastered) 8
Eyes Of The Warren (2015 Japan Remastered) Dada (Remastered) 9
Jasamin (2015 Japan Remastered) Dada (Remastered) 10
Dada (2015 Japan Remastered) Dada (Remastered) 11