Digital Daggers



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Name Album No.
Back to the Start How to Get Away with Murder 10
Silver Bells Silver Bells 1
Back To The Start Mixed Emotions 1
Angel Mixed Emotions 2
Nothing's Broken Mixed Emotions 3
Purgatory Mixed Emotions 4
Heaven Or Hell Mixed Emotions 5
Let's Escape Mixed Emotions 6
Just Beneath The Flames Mixed Emotions 7
Do Me Damage Mixed Emotions 8
I Am Near Mixed Emotions 9
Bleed For Me Mixed Emotions 10
The Devil Within Close Your Eyes 1
Can't Sleep, Can't Breathe Close Your Eyes 2
Out of My Head Close Your Eyes 3
Razor's Edge Close Your Eyes 4
Still Here Close Your Eyes 5
Where the Lonely Ones Roam Close Your Eyes 6
Bad Intentions Close Your Eyes 7
Come Crashing Close Your Eyes 8
Feel Like Falling Close Your Eyes 9
Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes 10
The Devil Within The Devil Within 1
State of Seduction The Devil Within 2
Can't Sleep, Can't Breathe The Devil Within 3
Still Here The Devil Within 4
Where the Lonely Ones Roam The Devil Within 5
Bad Intentions The Devil Within 6
Fear the Fever The Devil Within 7
Come Crashing The Devil Within 8
Set You Straight The Devil Within 9
Feel Like Falling The Devil Within 10
Out of the Fire (Bonus Track) The Devil Within 11
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas The Vampire Diary Season 4 35
The Devil Within (Piano Version) The Devil Within (Piano Version) 1
Surrender [Piano Version] Surrender [Piano Version] 1
Where the Lonely Ones Roam Where the Lonely Ones Roam 1
Surrender Surrender 1
Head Over Heels The Vampire Diaries (Original Television Soundtrack) 9
Head Over Heels Original Television Soundtrack The Vampire Diaries 9
Human Emotion Human Emotion 1
No Easy Way Human Emotion 2
Surrender Human Emotion 3
Envy Human Emotion 4
Head Over Heels (Cover Tears F The Vampire Diary Season 2 76