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Name Album No.
LIFE STORY 40th Anniversary Collection 1
Rasa Sayang (Digitally Remastered) 40th Anniversary Collection 3
Wo Wo Ni Ni (Digitally Remastered) 40th Anniversary Collection 4
Lover's Tears (Digitally Remastered) 40th Anniversary Collection 5
AsiaMajor (Digitally Remastered) 40th Anniversary Collection 6
I Am Baba (Digitally Remastered) 40th Anniversary Collection 7
Sukiyaki (Digitally Remastered) 40th Anniversary Collection 8
MODERNASIA 40th Anniversary Collection 9
The Mad Chinaman (Digitally Remastered) 40th Anniversary Collection 10
RICE 40th Anniversary Collection 11
Springtime (Digitally Remastered) 40th Anniversary Collection 12
Mustapha (Digitally Remastered) 40th Anniversary Collection 13
Bengawan Solo (Digitally Remastered) 40th Anniversary Collection 14
SAY YOU LOVE ME 40th Anniversary Collection 15
PARADISE IN MY HEART 40th Anniversary Collection 16
TROPICALICA 40th Anniversary Collection 17
TRANSIT LOUNGE (VIA RIO) 40th Anniversary Collection 18
When Morning Comes Around 40th Anniversary Collection 19
FOLLOW YOUR HEART 40th Anniversary Collection 21
Thanksgiving (Digitally Remastered) 40th Anniversary Collection 22
前尘 Back to Priscilla 16
花与琴 雪狼湖(国语版) 9
Are You A Lover? 都是为了爱 1
Only Love 都是为了爱 2
To Say Goodbye 都是为了爱 3
Paradise In My Heart 都是为了爱 4
You Know Who You Are 都是为了爱 5
The Perfect Moment 都是为了爱 6
Time For Making Love 都是为了爱 7
Stay With Me 都是为了爱 8
What Would You Say? 都是为了爱 9
Together With Me 都是为了爱 10
Everything 都是为了爱 11
Third Movement of a Concerto for Bagpipe & Jazz Orchestra Farewell to Decorum 1
Autumn Returns Farewell to Decorum 2
Galician Jigs Farewell to Decorum 3
Cat's Pyjamas/The Mental Blockade Farewell to Decorum 4
Farewell to Nigg Farewell to Decorum 5
Resolution No. 9 Farewell to Decorum 6
Ye Banks and Braes/Malts on the Optics/Farewell to Decorum Farewell to Decorum 7
Round Dawn Farewell to Decorum 8
Forest Lodge/Primrose Lass/Miss Girdle Farewell to Decorum 9
The Monster Farewell to Decorum 10
12.12.92 (A March for Democracy) /Freedom Come All Ye Farewell to Decorum 11
The Lady Is A Tramp 小亲亲 3
Bewitched 小亲亲 8
Transit Lounge (Welcome Drink) Transit Lounge 1
Say You Love Me (Loving You) Transit Lounge 2
Love Is Blue Transit Lounge 3
Zoom Transit Lounge 4
Prisoner Of Love (Shoo Be Doo) Transit Lounge 5
Tropicalica Transit Lounge 6
Transit Lounge (Stopover) Transit Lounge 7
Announcement Transit Lounge 8
Travelator Transit Lounge 9
Baby Doll Transit Lounge 10
Fly Transit Lounge 11
Transit Lounge (Via Rio) Transit Lounge 12
Prisoner Of Love (Shoo Be Doo disco baby heavy mix) - remix Transit Lounge 13
Say You Love Me (Loving You naked mix) Transit Lounge 14
Arrivederci Transit Lounge 15
Big Island Singapop 1
Singapura Singapop 2
Little India Singapop 3
Good Earth, Singapop 4
Space Disco Singapop 5
Rose,Rose,I Love You Singapop 6
Sunset Singapop 7
Fallen In Love Singapop 8
Orchard Boulevard Singapop 9
If I Go Singapop 10
Singapore Nights Singapop 11
Good Bye Singapop 12
Sha na na na na na Singapop 13
滚石合辑-新滚石九大天王之情歌大全 4
大地(粤) 祝你愉快-致家驹 8
北南西东 北南西东 1
残梦 北南西东 2
有着你的夜 北南西东 3
千枝针刺在心 北南西东 4
北南西东 5
爱是Cha Cha Cha 北南西东 6
今生今世 北南西东 7
一句话 北南西东 8
大地 北南西东 9
盼望的缘份 北南西东 10
自由 北南西东 11
Follow Your Heart When I Play 1
Beautiful Sunday When I Play 2
Life In The Lion City When I Play 3
Deeper When I Play 4
Flower Drum Song When I Play 5
O.K. When I Play 6
I'm Still In Love With You When I Play 7
Fried Rice Paradise When I Play 8
Suriram When I Play 9
A Song For Now When I Play 10
No Goodbyes When I Play 11
Lost Words When I Play 12
Georgy Girl When I Play 13
The Children Of The World When I Play 14
When I Play When I Play 15
Wo Wo Ni Ni When I Play 16
Mustapha When I Play 17
One Song Asia Major 1
Orchids From Outer Space Asia Major 2
Cockatoo Asia Major 3
Chin Chin Choo Asia Major 4
Lover's Tears Asia Major 5
Nina Pony Asia Major 6
Japanese Rhumba Asia Major 7
Sukiyaki Asia Major 8
Still Friends Asia Major 9
Asia Major Asia Major 10
Life In The Lion City Asia Major 11
Rasa Sayang The Mad Chinaman 1
The Ding Dong Song The Mad Chinaman 2
Mustapha The Mad Chinaman 3
Little White Boat The Mad Chinaman 4
I Am Baba The Mad Chinaman 5
The Windchime Song The Mad Chinaman 6
The Centre Of Asia The Mad Chinaman 7
Bengawan Solo The Mad Chinaman 8
Wo Wo Ni Ni The Mad Chinaman 9
Let's All Speak Mandarin The Mad Chinaman 10
The Mad Chinaman The Mad Chinaman 11