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Ever wondered what other people are listening to right now? Here you can find a list of the songs people are currently listening to. A great way to discover new music!

Name Artist
Last of Our Kind Bleed from Within
Deathwish Architects
The Pop Kids (Radio Edit) Pet Shop Boys
沉默 梦飞船
夏の扉 松田聖子
Jumpin' The Gun John Parr
Nihilist Architects
渚のバルコニー 松田聖子
The Novelist Bleed from Within
Dream 3 (in the midst of my life) Max Richter
Suburbia West End Girls
This is Our Legacy Bleed from Within
心爱 金学峰
Ocean Rain Echo & the Bunnymen
Messiah Bleed from Within
圣火令 王备
Bulletproof (Instrumental) Raheem DeVaughn
危机四伏 王备
My Kingdom Echo & the Bunnymen
Damnation Bleed from Within
Dream 8 (late and soon) Max Richter
潘多拉パンドーラー JUSF周存
似水柔情 王备
The FInal Chapter Bleed from Within
Seven Seas Echo & the Bunnymen
混元霹雳手 王备
两小无猜 王备
Always Architects
武场 王备
The Killing Moon Echo & the Bunnymen
Path 19 (yet frailest) Max Richter
Early Grave Architects
道家吟诵 王备
武林至尊 王备
Bludgeoned To Death Suicide Silence
悲恸 王备
Thorn Of Crowns Echo & the Bunnymen
Space 21 (petrichor) Caleb Burhans
突变 王备
The Price Of Beauty Suicide Silence
The Yo Yo Man Echo & the Bunnymen
萧与乐队 王备
Crystal Days Echo & the Bunnymen
Baby One More Notch Blind Witness
Dream 13 (minus even) Max Richter
光明顶 王备
My Fears Have Become Phobias As Blood Runs Black
Nocturnal Me Echo & the Bunnymen
苍凉 王备
Silver Echo & the Bunnymen